KeryFlex Nail Restoration

For a variety of reasons, some people are much more likely to develop toenail fungus and other conditions that cause the nail to lose its natural appearance. While medications and laser treatment are available to treat the fungus, the treatments may take some time to be effective and may never restore the nail to its normal appearance.

KeryFlex is durable, yet flexible nail restoration, which creates a realistic, natural looking nail in place of the damaged nail. Since KeryFlex is nonporous and not water soluble, it is ideal for post laser treatment for toenail fungus to prevent re-infection while the healthy nail is growing. Women may put nail polish on this new nail and use nail polish remover on the nail without damaging the nail replacement resin. Men and women can engage in their normal exercise routine after toe nails have been remodeled by KeryFlex.

KeryFlex Featured on The Rachael Ray Show

KeryFlex can also be used to restore a chronic ingrown toenail before considering a surgical treatment.

In as little as 15 minutes, your podiatrist can create a realistic, natural-looking nail in place of a damaged nail. They do this by using the KeryFlex nail restoration system. KeryFlex nails are durable and flexible and you will leave the office with a natural-looking nail.

How Does KeryFlex Work?

  • Nail bed is prepared, with debridement of the nail
  • KeryFlex Bond is brushed onto the nail plate and nail bed
  • KeryFlex Resin builds up the nail and allows sculpting and contouring of the nail
  • KeryFlex Seal is applied after the modeling process is completed
  • Ultraviolet light hardens the substances within 2 minutes

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